James Bay

Looking for a home in James Bay?

One of Victoria’s most sought after neighborhoods, James Bay is surrounded by water on three sides and full of history. With Victoria’s harbour to the north and west and the Straight of Juan de Fuca to the south, James Bay provides its residence with beautiful ocean views and boardwalks. To the east, you’ll find the beautiful Beacon Hill Park which provides residence with over 200 acres of greenspace, man-made ponds and plenty of other hidden gems!

You’ll never be bored living in James Bay. Residence of James Bay are situated in walking distance to a number of attractions like the Royal BC Museum, Beacon Hill Park, Fishermans Wharf and if walking isn’t your thing, you can jump on a horse-drawn carriage!

The homes in James Bay vary from heritage homes, multi-family housing, apartment buildings, and high rises. There is constant redevelopment taking place in James Bay and homes have been selling quick!

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